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the death toll continues to rise tonight in the nation's midsection as residents in tornado-ravaged states begin to pick up the pieces. >> investigators call it one of the biggest meth busts in u.s. history and it happened in san josi and how a popular high- tech gadget helped to uncover millions of dollars of drugs. doctors and nurses at this hospital performed dozens of hospitals at no cost to the impairments. coming up, we'll take you to the operating room to tell you about a program that is
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improving live. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening, thanks for joining us i'm maureen naylor. >> i'm ken wayne. storms have left more than three dozen dead and communities in five states in shock and grief. this is how one twister looked bearing down on henryville, indiana, yesterday. witnesses say the town is almost demolished. rescuers say one person here was killedth this are also incredible tales of survival. crews found a 2-year-old girl alive if had this indiana field last night. hospital officials say she is the om survivor of a family of five. at least 14 people in indiana died in the storm. >> the small town of west liberty, kentucky took a direct hit.
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and the death toll in that state stand as the 19. this is what the weather radar showed at the height of the storms. a band of severe weather from the gate lake to the gulf state >> one of the communities hardest hit is coloming to grip with the devastation and loss of life caused by the disruptive tornadoes. report craig boswell joins us live from marysville, indiana with more >> creag. >> reporter: ken, good evening to you and there is a path of destruction across the hoosier state. 14 confirmed fatalities. it's an unnerving scene, concrete slabs were home used to be. stay tuned homeowners are digging through what remains. >> you can't believe it until you see it with your eyes of it's just heart-breaking and you hope nobody is underneath this rubble. >> reporter: this amateur video was shot friday and those who saw it say
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the giant funnel cloud seemed to grow in size by the minute. >> i couldn't teak my eyes off of it. i couldn't even take cover. it was mesmerizing at the same time. storms cut a path of destruction, killing more than a dozen people. back in marysville, the sound of chain saws are echoing across the town of about 2,000 people. officers with the state patrol are doing welfare checks and even with the destruction, there is still an air of charity, people are cooking and offering food and water to anybody who needs and many say they are thankful to have their lives. >> god handled us, he sure did. >> reporter: authorities say everyone in marysville has been accounted for. and now that the storms have moved out, cold weather has moved back in as families here begin to rebuild and reconstruct their lives. live in marysville, indiana,
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craig boswell, ktvu channel 2 news. has continuing coverage on the midwest tornadoes and stay with us, meteorologist target mark tamayo has yourle bay area weather forecast. janine. >> reporter: maureen, three adults were arrested an state drug charges and they are being held at the santa clara jail. apartment 101 inside the apartment complex near snell and capitol expressway is sealed off. federal authorities say they found boxes and box of the methamphetamine, 750 pounds of it. the drug has a hefty street value. $34 million worth methamphetamine. >> that is really amazing. >> reporter:
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the drug enforcement administration or dea says palo alto police were investigating a case of stolen ipads thursday when they found the drugs. it was packaged in plastic bags similar to the meth here at a prior unrelated bust. >> this was absolutely a major find. this is just the tip of the iceberg, the investigation is just in the very, very preliminary stages. and it's ongoing at this time. >> reporter: the dea says they will be looking into who else is connected to this drug lab. >> it could be a distribution hub, where multiple towns are distributed to other networks, criminal networks. >> reporter: those who live near apartment 101 had no idea there were drugs there. property management is concerned and working with police. >> it's obviously a unique situation, and it's unfortunate for everybody involved. >> reporter: the news shocked and concerned
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neighbors especially because harmful chemicals were being handled. >> it makes you think who lives next door and who is here? you never know, you know, what place is safer than others? >> reporter: the three adults in custody are expected to be arraigned early next week. reporting live from san josi, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. in san francisco a pedestrian was critically irinjured this morning in a hit- and-run accident is in the potrero hills neighborhood. investigators say an el camino jumped the curve and struck the victim on the sidewalk just after 2:00 a.m. the driver then fled. the victim was taken to san francisco general hospital. police say they are searching for at least one gunman who opened fire at a san pablo community center last night. one man was wounded. shots rang out around 10:00 last night. investigators say they don't know what prompted the gunfire. >> police in newark are asking
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for the public's help locating an at-risk teenaged boy. authorities say 15-year-old andre sein-colon didn't return home francavilla newark junior high school, about 5-foot 1", 111 pounds and uses crutches. police say he is at-risk because he should be taking medication. the republican candidates for president hit the campaign trail today ahead of the supertuesday primaries. in ohio, rick santorum said a rise in single parent families is leading to a society where morality and freedom are breaking down. the former senate says he is not backing away from talking about social issues despite criticism that it the tactic may polarize voters. mitt romney was also many ohio, where he touted his business background in daytona. ohio is the biggest prize on tuesday, with 66 out the 149 nationwide delegates up for
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grab. ron paul indian washington state. observers predicted that that was the congressman 's best shot so far for a win, but that win would not happen. just minutes ago mariner was declared the winner of the washington caucuses. early results show romney won with a double-digit lead over ron paul and rick santorum. >> president obama is preparing for a crucial meeting with israel prime minister netanyahu. they are set to meet at the white house on monday and at issue is how to respond to ian's nuclear program. they say all options are on the table if iran refuses to cooperate with un nuclear inspectors. meantime israel president shimon peres will arrive in san francisco for a five-day visit. he is scheduled to meet with leaders of several high-tech companies including facebook and google:on wednesday peres will speak to a soldout crowd
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at san francisco's temple emanuel. rush limbaugh issued an apologize to a georgetown student. the radio shot of the came under fire after labeling sandra fluke a " slut and prostitute." limbaugh apologized for what he called "his insulting word choices." supporters of a proposed partial tax cain kicked oh-oh their campaigns. teachers, parents and community mens started to make phone calls to generate public support for measure a, the ballot intive would raise $2.5 million for the santa clara unified school district through a partial tax that would would cost homeowners in the district $84 a year? >> it would mean we can keep counselors and librarians, all the things that we need to provide a good education. >> in addition, to phone calls, the supporters say they
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plan to walk precincts to ensure that the measure pass. measure a is set to be voted on may 8 by a mail-in ballot. with the rising cost of health insurance, many can't afford expensive, but potentially life-saving procedures. allie rasmus takes us inside the operating room as dozens of patients found a way to have much-needed surgery for free. >> reporter: surgeons at kaiser in san francisco sew up a patient with hernia. for this patient it's free. >> i'm so happy and thank dodd for hem. >> reporter: he was one of 33 people who received free surgery as part of a program called operation access. >> a lot of these patients do have jobs, but their employers either don't offer health insurance. >> reporter: so the san francisco non-profit matches doctors and hospitals with patients in need at kaiser more than a 100 physicians and nurses donated their time. >> i think it's really unfortunate that we have a
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system in america where you can work so hard and still not have health insurance. this is just my small way and everybody else's little way of giving back. >> reporter: the types of surgeries that they are doing here, colonoscopies, cataract, food surgeries, hernia surge risthe types of procedures can be done in a single day. patients are refer to the program through community health choice last year 3000 people sought help and half received it. >> the purpose is to restore them to good image and enable them to go back to work. >> reporter: that is what frank mostert is looking forward to after his foot surgery. >> i'm glad i am getting it over with so i can wear my shoes and go back to work. >> reporter: and get rid of the sandals he was forced to wear four years ago. allieallie rasmus, ktvu . dentists offered treatment for low-income children at the
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annual give kids a smile event. staffers from the hospital along with university of the pacific school of dentistry examined the youngsters and helped them overcome their fears. we're in fairfield where dozens of uc and csu students are walking 99 miles for education. a suspicious object delayed the opening of disneyland and what the mysterious item turned out to be. bargain hunters, listen up, we'll tell you where you can rummage through really nice collectibles while supporting a good cause. a big down in tymps and coming up, we'll let you know when we could be dodging a few rain showers. ♪
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disneyland and disney california's adventure theme parks will be open later than usual after a suspicious package delayed both park openers. police say a security guard spotted the object near the park's ticket both. a bomb squad squad was called in and they determined the object was not a threat, but instead a rolled up piece of paper with what police call a "spiritual message." more than a dozen bay area students are on a mission with a message. they made a 99-mile journey to the state capitol and joined them at vacaville, where the students are expected to stop for the night. >> reporter: this will be the student's final stop at st. paul's united methodist children. it's been a long and tough trek for them, but their message of
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accessible education remains steadfast. it's' gorgeous saturday for a walk, but there is no casual stroll. these college statutes say it's a 99-mile journey for college justice. >> the university is being privatized and a lot of people having to drop out and take on two or three jobs and it's not right. >> reporter: one student carried the stars and stripes upside down to indicate the industry in distress and other carried liquids to keep his comrades hydrated. they will end their adventure with a mass demonstration on monday. halfway on their 99-mile journey and spirits are up, some are even studying along wait. >> i guess i'm trying to multitask and i think it's pointless to go on this march for education if we don't study because we're here for our rights to be educated. >> reporter: cal state student maggie hardy. >> we have gotten a lot of
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support from people going by, a lot of honking. >> reporter: students held a massive pencil that said, "tax the rich to teach of the children," one of the messages that they hope to push. a millionaire's tax. they are headed to davis in the morning, reporting live in vacaville, lorraine blanco, ktvu channel 2 news. a solano county judge has dismissed all charges in a fatality fire at a vallejo retirement home. three people died as a result of a fire at the casa de vallejo seniors home in 2008. five executives of a san diego- based company were charged with manslaughter after investigators concluded that five alarms in the building had been disconnected. prosecutors now say is there insufficient evidence that the owners knew about the alarms. the first funeral was held for one of the victim of that
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deadly high school shooting in ohio. friends and classmates this morning gathered outside of the church holding 16-year-old daniel parmertor's funeral. the teenager was remembered as a computer whiz who had a witty sense of lummox he was one of three students fatally shot when another student opened fire in the high school cafeteria. services for the other two teenagers set for next week. in arizona, 13 people were wounded last night after gunfire broke out at the campus of university a.r.s.. two of those injured are in serious condition. authorities say an altercation outside of the club where a rap artist was scheduled to appear escalated into a shooting. there is no word on what caused the fight. tonight marchs the first of town hall meetings for the municipal transit authority who heard comments from the public this morning. officials are considering extending parking meter hours and increasing citations to close the agency's $53 million budget deficit deficit. four more town hall meetings are
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set for later this month. the warm weather on this march day drew plenty of people to the beach in fur, bringing out bikers, walkers, dog-lovers and even someone on horseback by ocean beach. while the worth was something to talk about the surf was less than spectacular har. the waves were 3-4'. our cameraman found not only a daredevil -- and hopefully we'll see the dolphin -- two dolphins. >> we have the traffic and high cost of the living, but mark, that weather today was beautiful. >> typically we have to factor in the fog, but with this weather pattern, clear skies from the inland spots to the coast and we're going to hold on to that forecast as we head into the second half of your bay area weekend. right now on live stormtracker 2, an offshore breeze developing and as a result it warmed up the temperatures back to the beaches, back up to the
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60s and even a few 70s to report. this is the scene looking out towards the bay with mostly clear skies. sunset was at 6:06, so wrapping up a beautiful saturday afternoon and tomorrow, temperatures will be in the warm side once again. you can see the lower 70s out towards san josi and morgan hills, san francisco 68 and santa rosa, 73 degrees for the first weekend of march. forecast headlines for tonight, mostly lear. tomorrow, more sunshine. the extend we'll cool things offer with a sun-cloud mix, but no major storms showingum just yet on the long-range weather maps at east over the next 4-6 days. overnight lows, 30s and san josi around 40. so high pressure sticks around for one more day and as a result, quite a few 70s showing up on the forecast maps for tomorrow afternoon. as you can see the bigger
6:21 pm
perspective once again, the satellite and jet stream heading way up to our north. but there is a weather system that will be moving in, beginning monday, but especially into tuesday. and as a result, our cooling trend begins on monday. and by tuesday, the warmest locations only in the upper 50s to lower 60s. and that is the day that we do introduce a slight chance of a few light showers or a few sprinkles, but the main impacts is more cloud cover and dropoff in temperatures. 70 degrees for foreman, hayward at 71 and more neighborhoods, lower 70s in san josi. mountain view, 71 and half moon bay, 69. look at santa cruz, 74. your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. monday still a fairly nice day, but more of a stronger onshore breeze and as a result we'll take off a few degrees for the
6:22 pm
temps. slight chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday, temperatures bounce back up into the mid to upper 60s. but tomorrow, maureen and ken, round two of just beautiful weather in the bay area >> we'll keep our fingers crossed by boy, 70 in the dry. >> 70 degrees, typically in the summer we have the fog and cool breeze, but this pattern we're locked in for tomorrow. >> perfect timing for the weekend. >> thank you, mark. >> thank you mark. bargain hunters and collectors gathered in oakland for the ultimate rummage sale. hundreds lined up for the 53rd annual white elephant sale benefiting the oakland museum of museum. you can find anything including vintage clothing, tools, sporting goods and more. the sale continues tomorrow. it starts at 10:00 a.m. and goes until 4:00. >> with the early baseball action is getting into full swing. >> some familiar face take to
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baseball. if you are someone who likes the rhythm of summer that baseball provides you were happy about spring training games being in is full swing. tim lincecum on the mound as the giants opened up hosting the diamondbacks and lincecum making quick work of the batter. giants with 3 runs in the 2nd to take a 3-1. brandon crawford with a single to the right side of the infield to score 2 and diamondbacks put crooked numbers on the board. surkamp taking the loss. the a's it peoria, against seattle, getting their first look at parker, who faced six batters and retired them all. no shortage of run suspect for the a's and newly acquired seth smith with the grouped ball up the middle to make it into skirt field and ties at game at
6:27 pm
1. the next batter up was a another new acquisition, petaluma's jonny gomes. gemime weeks with jonny gomes call got in good thursday the pac-12 championship. bears can win the title outright if they beat stanford tomorrow in the regular season finalel. that because of what happened today in los angeles between ucla and washington. the huskies led much of the way, but then the bruins went on a 10-2 run. jones with the long 3. jones led the bruins with 20. they were in front by 1. now with less than a minute to play, they are tied at 69. tyler lamb's 3 no good, but the bruins hit the offensive boards. smith'spult putt bac went go, but wear's z. ucla with the 75- 69 win and a cal win means to the bear gets the no. 1 seed in the conference tournament. and st. marys and usf just
6:28 pm
under way in the wcc semifinals we'll have that tonight for you at 10:00 on sportswrap. thank you, joe. coming up at on the 10:00 news, the fight that is brewing and the pistottal next step if the project moves forward. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> our coverage continues at 10:00. we're always here for you on- line at and mobile ktvu. from all of us, have a good evening. [ male announcer ] this march, dive into the subway® jalapeno tuna,
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